Digital Prepress Services

With over two decades of experience in the print and publishing world, Ninestars specializes in a wide range of digital pre-press solutions. Equipped with a team of experts, we help you harness the full value of pre-press services for both website and print publications with speed, accuracy and quick turnaround time. With an optimal blend of operational expertise with newest technologies, our press-press services are designed to help organizations of all shapes and sizes, across all industries and all levels of intricacies. We are adept at all types of pre-press requirements from layouts, chemical & mathematical formulae, multi-environment layouts, complex drawings & tables, for academic, literary, law books, magazines and journals.

Our Publishing Services

We provide comprehensive pre-press solutions for a wide-range of business requirements for a truly customised publishing experience.


With a quality-first approach, our team of expert copyeditors, proofreaders and line-editors help you to polish your written skills and enhance your manuscripts (right at the first time), which are free of all grammatical, syntax, typos, and punctuation errors.


With a team of professional indexers, we create indexes in a wide range of disciplines such as Science, Technology, Medicine (STM), and Engineering ranging from keyword-based to topical multi-level indexes.


We have a remarkable team of graphic designers, adept at enhancing your book’s profile with interesting illustrations and wonderful cover designs. Offering an end-to-end solution for all your design needs from print, web and digital design and composition services.


Proficient in both electronic as well as print medium document typesetting, we work hard to ensure that all the unique requirements of each languages are met with highest quality.


Leveraging deep-domain expertise, we offer end-to-end project management services geared towards providing the maximum output to the customers. We help you develop remarkable workflow/project management strategy to create insightful publishing production process leading to exceptional project delivery.