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In this series, we bring you closer to our leadership team. This series has been especially developed to give you greater insight into our leadership team, understand their vision and know what makes them tick.

A unique organization requires unique leadership — and Mohan Doshi, the CTO of Ninestars, certainly fits that bill. Mohan has been instrumental in shaping our organization in a big way. Our company has grown substantially – and so has Mohan, since he joined in 2006. We caught up with him to talk tech, business and how he navigates his role as the CTO of Ninestars!


Q. What are some of the technology trends that excite you the most as we move forward into 2018?

A. A huge part of flourishing in this tech world is to not only keep an eye on what works now but also on what technology can be leveraged next! This is exactly the reason why we have to always stay on our toes to keep up with the trends! Here are some of the trends that I am personally very excited about.

  • New offerings on Cloud Services
  • AI / ML
  • AR/VR
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • IoT
  • Bots


Q. Early adopters of technologies reap the most benefits. How has Ninestars decided when and what technology to adopt, and what have been the benefits?

A. When cloud services were introduced as an alternative to having your own hardware and running the services, Ninestars migrated its core platform to be cloud-compatible. The benefits were in the uninterrupted real time delivery of content services. With the advent of AI and ML based automation, Ninestars has been investing into creating solutions and services for the content industry with the core platforms enabled with AI and ML. We look forward to enhancing our existing service offerings and also enable new offerings that the markets define.


Q. What sorts of technology trends are driving our business, related to Digitization, Media monitoring, Media Intelligence, Digital Transformation, and such?

A. Content is core to our business. Technologies related to content such as Image Recognition, Text Analytics, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition are fundamental to the engines that run our platforms. With the introduction of NLP, AI and ML based technologies, these upgraded platforms will be key to transforming the way business is done today.

Cloud, Big Data, AI/ML, Text Analytics and Visualization will drive the Media Intelligence related technologies. The increasing data velocity, veracity and volume being used to drive decision making is creating a whole new market of data management, analytics and visualization.

With the number of devices being connected growing exponentially, the data that is shared and tracked from these devices, enables businesses to transform and react quickly to consumer needs. This is leading to a new level of Digital Transformation that enterprises are keen to adopt to service their clientele.


Q. As the year 2017 had been the year of change and disruptions, which trends do you think will die a slow death (won’t be a smart investment) according to you?

A.  Most people are only interested in what’s trending but being in the tech industry we must also be aware about what trends are slowly fading away. Here are some of the trends that might become irrelevant soon!

  • Traditional Broadcast
  • Wearables
  • Software Licensing Models
  • Content Purchase / Download Out – Content Subscription / Streaming In


Q. Technologies based on human-machine interaction like Alexa, Siri, Google Now and Cortana gained momentum in 2017. What is your take on it?

A. As long as they are not intrusive and solve a need, these technologies are going to thrive. With the fear of surveillance and data being misused by the large corporates that are behind these technologies, it is going to be a wait and watch game for most of 2018. Regulations and consent based authorizations will be key to these technologies solving the purpose they were built for.


Q. How do you see India contributing in the emerging technologies of 2018?

A. Most of the emerging technologies in 2018 will need a large army of Knowledge resources to build, train and maintain. India is well placed to be part of that journey. The essence is to upskill and upgrade the resources to meet those challenges.


Q. What is the technology vision and priorities for Ninestars going forward?

A. The key is to provide more meaningful experiences to our customers. The transformation of how content is being subscribed and accessed today is a story of change. Ninestars is a Content Tech company. Ninestars with its services is well placed to provide the thought leadership and technology capability the market needs. Priorities are to strengthen the major offerings with Knowledge Services and leveraging new technologies to drive business.


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