Media Intelligence Services

Driven by our mission to cut out the noise and provide only the most relevant and focused insights, we offer services that help you keep track of what’s being said about your business, keep track of your competitors and influencers, stay in the know about issues that impact your business and help you implement strategies to increase your impact and achieve your goals. With the optimum blend of proprietary technologies and expertise, we help you derive only the most relevant and contextual media insights and intelligence.

OptimusNine CaaS Platform

OptimusNine is a Content as a Service platform designed ground-up to bridge the gap between the content consumers and content generators. It is an integrated communications measurement platform providing omni-channel ingestion, content augmentation, and delivery of actionable insights in near-real time for impactful and efficient engagement with the end consumers. With OptimusNine, you can maximize efficiency and achieve tangible ROI for your communications workflow. These services are delivered out of Sofia, Bulgaria. Get in touch with us now to know more about OptimusNine!

Our Services

Media Insights

Catch up on relevant news, competitive insights, and all other information that matter most to your organization with a point-and-click configuration


Our robust summarization services ensure intelligent, mission-aligned metadata generation and auto-classification aligned with your business goals.

Evaluation & Analytics

Ninestars has developed a unique platform that can monitor, track, curate, transform content, and offer insights into usage of its content across subscribers globally.

Tracking and Tagging

Our bespoke tools helps you track and tag anything so you can identify patterns and analyze how behaviors change over time!

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