PRANA is an interactive data platform that makes it easy to analyse data in near real-time. It is cloud ready, minimizing the need for a service infrastructure, and enabling ‘pay as you go’ pricing model.


Media Monitoring organisations process large content sets and data to service their customers. However, there are often pockets of inefficiencies scattered throughout the workflow that can make the provision of seamless solutions time-consuming and costly. PRANA helps to eradicate those inefficiencies, significantly improving processing capabilities, and making it easier to solve challenging data mining and data reporting problems.

Ingeniously, the open microservices architecture of PRANA allows for the seamless integration with your current processes and systems creating a unified data view across various content sources, improving the consistency of analytics within a hybrid data environment.

With PRANA, there’s no need for complex computations to prepare your data for analysis. Simply integrate it into your current workflow and you can start using it to deliver results without any lag of development and deployment tasks.  As it can be plugged in at any point in the content workflow, it makes it easy to analyse large-scale datasets at great speed, delivering actionable, near real-time analysis through a customisable dashboard.

PRANA is an out-of-the-box, future-ready, modular system. With real-time content streaming, and an AI powered interface with an embedded learning framework, it can easily address the growing complexities of continuous content flow.

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